Bathroom Safety Tips & Considerations for Seniors

Feb 23, 2024

Is your bathroom designed in a way that’s safe and accessible for any of your older family members who may have mobility limitations? Do you feel like it’s properly set up for you to confidently age in place while maintaining your independence? If it’s not, just know there are plenty of upgrades you can make to change that and get the space to the level of safety where you need it to be. Whether it’s within the bathroom itself or specifically with your bathing fixture, there’s so much to consider. But the good news is that Bath Fitter San Diego is here to help, as we can provide bathroom safety tips and considerations for seniors—and be the team to help you put these tips into action.

Helpful Tips for Making Your Bathroom Safer

When you’re looking to make your bathroom senior-safe or you’re looking to start the process of getting it ready to meet your needs as you get older, these tips will help:

Raise the Toilet Seat

It’s simple: The older we get, the harder it gets to squat down. And standing back up from a squat position is just as challenging. That’s why it’s smart to raise your toilet seat, as you won’t have as far to go when you sit down and thus, it won’t be as difficult to stand back up. Another possibility to consider in conjunction with raising your toilet seat is to have handles installed to make getting up even easier.

Invest in Nonslip Mats

Bath mats are hugely important in any case, as they ensure that you don’t have to walk on a floor that was made slippery by the shower or condensation from shower time. But for seniors, it’s important that these bath mats are nonslip. In other words, using throw mats is typically a no-go because they slip and bunch up easily, making them a tripping hazard. Mats with grips on the back are a better choice.

Make Sure Your Bathtub or Shower Has Nonslip Flooring

Speaking of nonslip, investing in nonslip flooring for your bathtub or shower is paramount. Eliminating the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of improving the safety of your bathroom for seniors, and the bathing area is inherently where the highest risk exists. With nonslip flooring in the bathtub or shower, it can make the entire bathing process easier and safer.

Have Grab Bars & Safety Rails Installed in Your Bathing Area

Another smart way to enhance the safety of your bathing fixture is to make sure it has grab bars and safety rails installed within it. That way, there’s extra support if maintaining balance is an issue. Having these to grip when you enter and exit the area can help you maintain your independence as you get older and begin to slow down.

Outfit Your Bathing Area With Shower Seating

As we grow older, it can become difficult to stand for extended periods of time. So, there may come a time when you or a loved one can no longer stand long enough to take a shower. The good news is that shower seating is another phenomenal option to consider, as it’s another way to maintain independence while showering safely.

We Can Put These Safety Tips to Use at Your Home

At Bath Fitter San Diego, we’re committed to providing homeowners with safe and accessible bathing options, which means you can trust us to put these safety tips into action at your home. Whether it’s nonslip flooring, grab bars, shower seating, or all of the above, we have you covered. Get in touch with Bath Fitter San Diego today to get started on creating the safest possible bathroom in your home.

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