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Transform Your Bathtub into a Shower

Turn that bathtub you never use into an easy accessible and stylish new shower. Your San Diego Bath Fitter experts can transform your existing bathtub into an incredible extra-large shower enclosure that you’ll be sure to love. BATH FITTER's your solution. We can alter an existing bathtub into an extra-large shower enclosure that you're sure to love.

Our tub-to-shower conversions offer you a new custom-made, one-piece shower surround that prevents leaks and provides a modern look to any bathroom. As with all Bath Fitter services, you’ll be treated to the tailored craftsmanship and high quality materials we’re well known for throughout San Diego.

If you’d enjoy a larger shower, but don’t want to go through a major bathroom renovation, our tub-to-shower conversions are a perfect option for you. We’ll remove the bathtub surround and replace it with an extra-large, one-piece shower surround. It’s that simple. Our customers find the new shower to be not only spacious, but easily accessible for bathing. Update the look and functionality of your bathroom with a Bath Fitter shower system conversion today.

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